You've found the right place if you're...

Relentlessly Curious

open-minded and continuously asking questions (i.e. we are more interested in your response to failure than in your successes)

Without Ego

we don't care how much you’ve made in the past or who you know; winning at Monark is a team game

Want support & opportunity

we'll give you all the learning and opportunities you can handle

Why Join Monark?

Our purpose is to empower leaders to bring out the best in themselves and those around them, creating unstoppable teams who will change the world. Our founders are organizational psychologists by training, but have extensive practical experience consulting and conducting research in the leadership space for 15+years. We are extremely passionate about creating a product that delivers real long-term value to customers, and are looking to add people to our team that feel the same.

Open Positions

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Reach out to us anyways. You never know what we're looking for!

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