About Us

Founded in science; made for practice.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 in the COVID pandemic, Monark is the product of a bold vision to disrupt an industry that is stuck in the 90s.

Our Purpose

Monark started out as an idea and dream to help people experience more fulfilled and meaningful work.

Today, we're focused on empowering leaders to bring out the best in themselves and those around them, creating unstoppable teams who will change the world.

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Our Vision

Monark develops powerful leaders who inspire those they work with, supporting them in achieving fulfillment in their lives because of their work, not in spite of it.

Our Values

Monark’s team is full of people who love their work; we have deliberately grown this. Passion and curiosity come first in all hires; without it, we don’t see an individual being a long-term fit. We all live Monark’s values - a genuine, bold and purposeful team, that has an incredible amount of fun together while also performing at the highest levels.

As a team, we get the objective results because we show up on the intangibles - we’re hardworking, supportive, and always accountable to one another. When people aren’t busy, they find more things to do; when their colleagues are struggling, they help each other out; when people are wrong, others are forgiving; and most importantly, we are committed to supporting our customers in genuine growth.

We are bold.

Curious, growth-oriented, comfortable with the uncomfortable, and constantly pushing ourselves to learn.

We act purposefully.

We are authentic, intentional and genuinely show up as a team passionate about solving the world's leadership challenges.

We are accountable.

We strive for excellence and accountability in all that we do, from our relationships to our commitments to evidence-based learning.

We are inclusive.

We have a safe and respectful environment, which means people are collaborative, inclusive and are able to be their best.

Meet Our Team

Kelsey Hahn

CEO & Co-Founder

Amanda Julian

CRO & Co-founder

Adam Ludgate