How it Works

Training that starts in the first critical moments of a leader's career.

For Organizations

The only leadership development tool that helps your team build evidence-based habits and can be deployed at scale.

We’re taking science out of the labs and into your organization. Monark uses a combination of science-backed assessments, personalized learning journeys, an on-demand community, and engaging reminders to help leaders quickly grow the skills that matter most. The result is employee growth that employees can feel, managers can track and everyone can celebrate.

With the ability to offer seamless, full-cycle development, support connectivity in a hybrid world, and provide insight into team progress through a real-time dashboard, organizations know where their people are growing, and how it translates into organization performance.

The Benefits

Building high-performing leaders

We're using more modern and effective methods to help leaders consistently grow. Personalized, evidence-based micro-lessons delivered daily means we create an engaging and accessible  experience that gets leaders practicing and getting feedback earlier and more often.

A solution that scales

The paradox in leadership training is that it's typically only offered after an employee becomes a leader. The ease and personalized nature of Monark means there's no more limiting training to a select few. Providing development without a human coach means we scale to all who want it, accessing leaders faster, earlier and more affordably.

Real and measurable change

Quit confusing course completion for actual behavior change. With Monark, the ROI on leadership will never be more clear. Management has access to a real-time dashboard that not only tracks individual progress, but also organizational performance, so leaders can truly assess training and learn how to best support employees.

Other Offerings

We offer a number of related offerings that support our digital learning platform, from engaging onboarding to baseline performance measurement.

Group Leadership Onboarding

To get started on Monark, onboarding can look like anything from a one-hour virtual meeting with the basics, to a customized half or full day session for those involved.

To learn more about the options and what fits for your organization, drop us a note!

Organizational 360 Assessment (OHEP)

Understanding your organization's health and effectiveness are critical to long-term performance. The problem is that leaders don’t know which areas are influencing success, and even when they do, they lack the ability to accurately and confidentially measure and understand it with any depth. To measure and improve organizational performance, management needs to ask the experts - their employees. 

The OHEP enables the collective voice of employees and provides a 360-degree view of an organization, guiding leadership in the early detection of problem areas and the prioritization of strategy. Through our rigorous scientific approach (quantitative + qualitative), you’ll have access to customizable insights that support better decision-making and employee satisfaction.

When paired with our digital leadership training, organizations can clearly see the relationship between individual progress and broader organizational outcomes.