Conversation about Leadership

Calgary I/O Psych Community Panel Discussion Event

On Thursday, January 19th we had an evening of thought-provoking conversation, drinks and networking! Our panel for this event featured Craig Dowden, PhD, Rosa Cameron, CPHR, and Dean Koeller, CEO & President of CHMIC.

Craig is an inspiring and thought-provoking executive coach, WSJ + USA Today bestselling author and award-winning keynote speaker who partners with leaders and executives to tackle their most important personal and organizational challenges. His goal is to “bridge the gap between what science knows and what leaders do.” In this panel session moderated by Monark Co-Founder and CRO, Amanda Julian, we talked about:

  • The complexities leaders face in today’s business environment and the challenges of being totally authentic;
  • How the best leaders possess an advanced understanding of the inner workings of their minds and their hearts;
  • And the scientific secrets of resilience, including how best to receive feedback and navigate difficult conversations.