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Product Update - Bookmarks

Oct 12, 2022


We are excited to let you know about the latest addition to Monark... bookmarks!!

This has been our most requested feature, and we're happy to let you know it's finally here! Now, you can bookmark any content and easily retrieve it to review later.

Here's how it works... At the top of every step on your learning path, you'll see a bookmark icon. Simply click it to mark the content. Then, using the left hand menu, click on Bookmarks and you can re-visit your content at any time!

What else is new?

In case you missed it, we also recently added Search.

Now, you can easily search through any of the content in the Monark app, whether it's part of a learning path, or something that was posted in the Community. In conjunction with bookmarks, it's never been easier to keep track of the content that is most relevant to you!

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