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Automating the science of leadership

Monark delivers measurable outcomes through a scalable, three-step process: Assess, Identify, and Grow. 

Our approach is more than just a class, lecture, or workshop that we can guarantee you'll forget in 3 months time. Built by organizational psychologists, Monark is scientifically designed to deliver real outcomes - in your leaders and your organization. 

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OHR Assessment

Step 1: Assess

Effective leadership development starts with identifying where training will deliver the most impact.


Monark's Organizational Health & Risk Assessment (OHR) helps you do just that - with results that are clear for everyone to see. 

Step 2: Identify

Using the OHR results, Monark's team works with clients to target areas of opportunity for the entire organization, and helps identify leaders who would benefit the most from leadership training. 

What sets Monark apart is that it makes leadership development accessible to everyone. Training is no longer confined only to top level leaders, ensuring your entire organization benefits. 

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360 assessment results
Self Assessment Results
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Step 3: Grow

Now that we know where to start and what will change, let's get your people growing. Growth begins with Monark's proprietary platform that brings together industry-leading content with a full suite of tools accessible on any device.

Benefits of working with Monark

Work smart

Work smarter, not harder

Applied daily micro-lessons designed by organizational psychologists followed by smart nudges and reminders, integrate into your daily workflow, so you can learn and lead on-the-go. 


Experts are just a click away

Holding your first performance review? Communicating strategy or internal changes? Developing a hybrid work plan? Whatever it is, access our community to learn from expert voices and real experiences.

Personalized learning

Learning made for you

Your training should be personalized to how you lead. Our flexible learning plan lets you take control of what you want to learn and when. Our learner platform reinforces lessons with additional tools, resources, and an extensive network of like-minded professionals.


Get more feedback

Never be afraid of a 360 assessment again—we're normalizing continuous feedback! Get 360 feedback on behaviours and send pulse surveys when you need quick and timely feedback.

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