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The Monark Advantage

Professional development today isn't built for modern leaders. Most leadership development solutions are not focused on real behaviour change, and investment is typically isolated to the top 5% of leaders.

That's where Monark comes in. Our cost-effective platform and accessible micro-content make it possible to train leaders across the organization, setting you up for success at all levels. 

Monark content
Monark content

Delivering real outcomes

Monark is the antidote to old-school training, going beyond the one-time, "check-the-box" courses. 


We deliver leadership change that employees can feel, managers can track, and organizations can compete on.

Updated solutions for a changing workforce

In recent years, everything about work has changed— from how and where, to why. 

To attract and retain talent, organizations must invest in new ways to keep them engaged. And, doing so is simply not an option any more. 

Leaders and organizations who work with Monark have seen the difference it can make with lower turnover, higher engagement, and higher worker satisfaction. 

Employees want...


Why should you work with Monark? 

Leadership skills

Because leadership skills matter

Whether you’re a manager or an individual contributor, our leadership development platform is designed to give leaders at all levels the skills to succeed in today’s modern workplace.

Different paths

Because modern leaders learn differently

Organizations are consistently spending more to attract, retain, and develop their people. We've built leadership training programs built for modern leaders who are seeking new ways to learn and invest in their career growth.


Because leaders need to be prepared

Millennials are leading the next generation of work. Their priorities and values are driving business forward in a fast-changing market, with emerging technologies, changing demographics and a new generation of employees. We created learning experiences for current and aspiring leaders who are ready to take on this challenge.


Because we deliver results

Our evidence-based training programs are convenient, effective, and deliver measurable results on your investment. 94% of leaders using Monark see positive behaviour change.

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