Why Monark

Transforming how leaders learn.

The Science of Behavior Change

Behaviour change and habit building is really hard work.


Leadership skills have been noted as some of the hardest to learn, yet have the highest impact in terms of results. So we don't want to downplay the tricky nature of skill development, but rather emphasize that because it's so hard, it requires a continuous commitment. Our evidence-based process taps into the underlying psychology of leaders to drive change. We know our model works because it is strongly informed by other domains, like weight loss and sports psychology.

The Monark experience offers a cyclical, continuous experience for leaders by adopting a multi-faceted approach to learning and training, incorporating only the most effective components that each uniquely predict leadership results.

Habit formation

Adopting a new habit requires not only learning about the importance of a behavior or skill and how to perform it, but also practicing it in the real world, taking the time to reflect on what was done well and what could be improved.

Challenges with traditional training

Despite the billions of dollars being poured into leadership development efforts globally, we’re still seeing gross ethical misconduct, high CEO turnover, and prevalent workplace bullying. Worse, 75% of US workers say their boss is the most stressful part of their day. We sum up the failures into two key problems: Training is episodic and focuses on learning, not the transfer or learning; and secondly, we don't train leaders early enough in their careers.

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Our Approach

This isn’t a one-day, check the box experience promising to deliver transformational growth after a weekend seminar; this is real long-term  change, building better leaders one behaviour at a time.

Leadership Science

Built by organizational psychologists and grounded in the most up-to-date leadership science, so you can trust that not only are the things your learning important, but they actually matter.

Self - Led Development

Today's leaders want to be active in their career development, with personalization and control over what, when, & how they learn.


On-demand access to a community of leaders to access the first-hand knowledge from real leaders. Leaders from around the globe share stories, enjoy thought-provoking conversation, and learn new ideas.

Behavioral Nudges

Remembering to do anything without a reminder these days is like leaving home without your phone. Monark nudges leaders to engage in development in ways that seamlessly fit into the flow of work.

Streamlined Training

We recognize that modern leaders want to learn without being traditional students. No stuffy classroom/lecture here! Applied micro-lessons, quick feedback, and smart nudges, so you can spend less time learning and more time practicing.

The Benefits

Save Time

We bring you the best resources in micro-lessons and deliver smart nudges that fit into your work tools, all so you can do more of what you're good at.

Get More Feedback

Give and receive feedback more easily and transparently, gaining insight into your performance like never before.

Achieve Real Progress

Much like fad diets don't help keep weight off for good, it's time to ditch the flavor-of-the-week training. Monark evidences real leadership growth as rated by others by using a science-backed model of behaviour change.