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Tired of leadership
training that's

We were too. 

Monark is the antidote to old school, ineffective training. Our modern approach combines evidence-based content, an on-demand platform, and engaging activities and reminders to drive real, lasting behavior change.

Monark leadership platform

Leadership development for new and emerging leaders.

Real growth is about consistent and regular work, not attending a webinar or attending a fancy retreat in the Californian desert.


By blending live cohort-based learning and a robust digital platform with personalized micro-learning, nudges and automated feedback, we deliver development that not only informs, but transforms—getting leaders exactly what they need, when they need it.

We're different than the rest.

The ROI employees can feel, managers can track, and organizations can compete on. 

"There were so many concepts that I found I was able to apply right away, and this has made me feel much more purposeful and passionate about my role."

Bennett, avid learner and ex-management consultant

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