AI-powered leadership development for people leaders

Transform your managers into high-performing Super Leaders with an interactive, practice-based leadership development platform.

“Monark has been a game-changer for us. My team is gaining valuable coaching and leadership skills and it’s fun to watch them evolve.”
Jody Refvik
VP Operations

Why learn and lead with Monark?

Most leadership development solutions are one-and-done. Without ongoing practice and application, learning never translates into ROI. Monark’s interactive, data-driven approach delivers leadership change that employees can feel, managers can track, and organizations can compete on.

Scale leadership development

Offer on-the-job training and AI-powered learning to more leaders in one platform.

Retain talent you can’t afford to lose

By driving measurable behavior change, organizations are reducing burnout, lowering turnover, and retaining talent.

Help leaders optimize performance

Give overloaded leaders the tools they need to operate more effectively and efficiently with insights.

Develop leaders on the job, not out of the office

Five minute micro-lessons and virtual mastery sessions make it easy for busy leaders to learn and retain content on the go. It’s more convenient, cost-effective, and productive than multi-day off sites.

Promote continuous, active learning

We blend independent learning on our fun, intuitive, AI-powered platform with live mastery sessions led by certified coaches and organizational psychologists. Behavioral nudges and our AI-driven co-pilot keep leaders engaged and practicing their skills.

Set your leaders up for long-term success

Monark is the world’s first LRM (Leader Relationship Management) platform. In addition to evidence-based leadership training, leaders gain access to real-time insights, data, and tools that help them lead more effectively.

  • 1-on-1 support and enablement
  • Real-time AI assessment
  • Performance insights through Super Leader Scoring
  • Manager nudging

Finally connect individual growth to organizational change

See how your leaders engage, grow, and change over time, and identify emerging Super Leaders through 360 assessments and dashboard reporting.

360-Degree Assessments

360-Degree Assessments

Leaders uncover hidden strengths and areas for improvement through regular self and peer assessments that connect directly into development opportunities.

Super Leader Dashboard

Super Leader Dashboard

Identify committed leaders who are developing, growing, and powering retention, engagement, and satisfaction in their teams.

Leader Engagement

Leader Engagement

See who is engaging in learning, what they’re learning, and how it’s driving their growth.

Average Organizational Change

Average Organizational Change

Assess the impact of leadership development by department or across your organization.

Find the solution for your focus

For People Leaders

Support your people leaders with the Monark leadership development platform.

For Organizational Health

Uncover organizational strengths and blind spots with an Organizational Health and Effectiveness Profile (OHEP).

For Executive Leaders

Understand executive self-awareness and effectiveness with a Executive Vigilance Profile (EVP).

What leaders are saying…

“There were so many concepts that I found I was able to apply right away, and this has made me feel much more purposeful and passionate about my role.”
Bennett Royer
Head of Leadership Search
Grid Group
“Monark’s 360 assessments have been instrumental in our team’s growth and development.”
Brian Boulanger
ARC Financial Corp
“The depth of insight provided by the assessment, coupled with the team’s expert analysis and guidance, helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as an executive leader.”
Adam Legge
Business Council of Alberta
“We think the OHEP is an outstanding product. Specifically, the holistic approach to measuring workplace health and the ability to derive themes and insights from the results have been critical to our success in achieving our performance goals annually.”
Lisa Olsen
Senior Vice President, People & Corporate
ARC Resources Ltd.

See how Monark turns lessons into leadership

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