Executive 360-degree assessments for high-performance leaders

Understand and benchmark senior leaders’ behavioral performance with our comprehensive Executive Vigilance Profile (EVP).

Go beyond personality boxes

Ditch rigid labels for dynamic behavioral insights. We identify key behaviors leaders can develop and refine.

Benchmark leader performance

Compare your leaders’ performance to Monark’s proprietary database.

Empower leaders with self-awareness

Identify gaps between leaders’ perceptions of themselves and how others actually perceive them.

Build more effective development plans

Know where to focus leadership development and 1:1 coaching.

About the EVP

The Executive Vigilance Profile is an executive-level leadership assessment that provides leaders with a holistic assessment of behavioral performance. It is based on a comprehensive competency model that covers the spectrum of universally accepted indicators of high-performance leadership.

From assessment to report in 14 days or less

  1. Pre-Planning and Needs Analysis

    Pre-Planning and Needs Analysis

    Initial planning and advisement are conducted to align objectives and expectations, understand organizational context, and prepare a comprehensive outline. If done in a team, the EVP process is introduced in a kickoff meeting, where we emphasize self-awareness, objectivity, and participant confidentiality.

  2. Complete a Self-Assessment

    Complete a Self-Assessment

    In one hour or less, leaders complete a self-assessment via a link sent by email.

  3. Pick Your Raters

    Pick Your Raters

    Leaders can autonomously and independently select their raters and have email invitations sent out almost immediately. Confidentiality and anonymity for raters are emphasized.

  4. Survey Administration and Analysis

    Survey Administration and Analysis

    Surveys typically remain open for two weeks. Monark manages survey progress and provides updates and reminders along the way. We compile and analyze data, provide quantitative breakdowns, and highlight blind spots and hidden strengths.

  5. Report and Debrief

    Report and Debrief

    Leaders receive access to their results via email and on a live dashboard. A debrief on leader results can be done for individuals or teams, always with certified coaches or IO psychologists.

The results

A robust, comprehensive report with customized data splits is provided on a real-time dashboard and also as a physical copy. Reports kickstart a leader’s growth journey by revealing hidden strengths, blindspots, and employee perceptions.

“The depth of insight provided by the assessment, coupled with the team’s expert analysis and guidance, helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as an executive leader. Their commitment to excellence paired with their tailored approach, makes them an invaluable partner for any leader or organization looking to enhance their skills and drive organizational success.”
Adam Legge
Business Council of Alberta

Set your executive leaders up for long-term success

Learn more about the EVP and the role it plays in senior leader development.