How Super Leaders are made

Monark guides leaders through a transformative leadership development journey that reinforces learning, feedback, and practice.


Discover perceptions and behaviors

All learning on Monark begins with a micro 360 assessment. Leaders uncover hidden strengths and reflect on blind spots, allowing for greater self-awareness and unlocking a personalized learning experience on Monark.


Leaders reflect on and rate their behavior across core competencies to benchmark self-awareness.

Coworker Assessment

Leaders select trusted colleagues to rate their behavior on the same competencies to learn how others perceive them.


Get the building blocks for rock-solid leadership

All content is based on the latest behavioral research. Designed for busy leaders, our videos, audio, and interactive activities evolve with users, helping them master skills like delegation and communicating in a hybrid work setting.



Learning paths consist of 5-minute science-backed micro-lessons focused on practice and reflection.

Growth Series

Growth Series

Leaders stay engaged with ongoing content, quizzes, and case questions to reinforce learning and retention.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Leaders create goals to practice what they’ve learned and receive automated and personalized reminders to increase follow-through.

Surveys and Learning Checks

Surveys and Learning Checks

Lessons feature adaptive quizzes to enhance retention, self-awareness, and mastery.

Learn with and from other leaders

Leaders can engage in learning paths within a cohort in their organization, blending independent study with live, peer-based learning. Certified coaches and Industrial-Organizational psychologists lead these sessions to drive accountability, facilitate discussion, and contextualize learnings.

Practice critical leadership skills with AI role play

Our AI role play enables leaders to practice critical leadership skills in realistic scenarios, like giving tough feedback. Grounded in our behavioral science methodology, it offers instant feedback on strengths and areas for improvement.

See how modern AI leadership training sparks insights and growth leaders can’t lead without


Lead more effectively and efficiently with Leader Relationship Management (LRM)

The world’s first LRM streamlines interactions and communications between leaders and their teams. With an advanced 1-on-1 tool, real-time AI assessment, and team progress reports, Monark gives leaders insights they won’t want to lead without.

1-on-1s just got easier

The My Team tool provides leaders with accountability, structure, and data capture for their 1-on-1s with direct reports.

  • Intelligent prompting and mini pulse checks focus on relationship building, growth, and development.
  • Capturing historical meeting data helps proactively address individual needs.
  • Enhanced meeting effectiveness and team productivity due to clear documentation and alignment.

Real-Time AI Assessment

Monark’s AI-meeting co-pilot integrates with online meeting tools to provide timely developmental suggestions and assessments for leaders wanting feedback.

Super Leader Scoring

We leverage data and leadership science to deliver a clear ROI on your organizational all-stars, i.e. the indispensable Super Leaders who excel, model ideal behavior, and drive team retention and engagement.

Manager Nudging

Nudges provide leaders with insights into their reports’ progress, discussion prompts for 1-on-1s, and support for development goals.

“Each week, I receive positive feedback about the Monark program. Our leaders consistently praise the content for being highly relevant, practical, and innovative. The program has played a crucial role in advancing our goal of elevating both our people and our leaders.”
Frank Merryweather
Learning Advisor

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