360s aren’t just for leaders

Uncover strengths and blind spots according to your employees, with our globally recognized Organizational Health and Effectiveness Profile (OHEP), administered by organizational psychology experts.

“Over the past 5 years of using the OHEP, we have clearly been able to see where we are winning and where we need to improve with our employees. The feedback allows us to create action plans to further advance our strategy and growth as an organization.”
Dean Koeller
President & CEO
Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation

Learn what’s working and what needs fixing

Our unique methodology finds the root cause of issues that hold your organization from growth.

Identify early signals and areas for improvement

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to learn where to focus on growth and strategic planning.

Boost employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction

Provide a trusted, confidential outlet for employees to voice concerns and share what makes your culture unique.

Improve organizational performance with unparalleled insights

Objectively review key drivers of performance and track progress over time on critical health and effectiveness factors scientifically linked to growth.

About the OHEP

The Organizational Health and Effectiveness Profile (OHEP), developed in 2014, is an evidence-based assessment measuring forward-looking factors that are predictive of future performance. Our team of organizational psychologists administers the OHEP, analyzes results, and delivers tangible, actionable insights to your team.

  • Psychometrically validated assessment, regularly tuned to reflect learnings and new research
  • Approximately 70 questions and 20 minutes to complete
  • Customized to your industry, needs, company size, and culture
  • Confidential administration by Monark
  • 70-85% average participation rates for organizations with over 500 employees

From assessment to report in 7 days or less

  1. Needs Assessment

    Needs Assessment

    We complete a collaborative needs assessment to align on desired outcomes and then calibrate the survey to support various degrees of customization.

  2. Administration and Support

    Administration and Support

    Monark administers the OHEP and collects confidential data from employees, with 24/7 support. Monark also organizes and handles all administration of the assessment, including regular reporting, updates, and department tracking with stakeholders.

  3. Analysis


    Our organizational psychologists analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative results, and if desired, organize into major themes.

  4. Benchmark


    We benchmark your organization’s results against our proprietary OHEP Index, containing hundreds of thousands of data points, and often customizable by industry.

  5. Report


    We provide a comprehensive online dashboard to you, allowing for customized reporting and data filtering.

No obscure data. Just insights you act on.

Your organizational health profile includes quantitative and qualitative thematic analyses conducted by our team of organizational psychologists. We review results with your team over two comprehensive debriefs, highlighting key opportunities and suggested follow-up initiatives. In addition to a comprehensive report, organizations receive access to a secure online dashboard to view results and track progress with future assessments.

Transformative results

25,000 employees assessed annually

6% average company improvement YoY

10 years serving clients

“We think the OHEP is an outstanding product. Specifically, the holistic approach to measuring workplace health and the ability to derive themes and insights from the results have been critical to our success in achieving our performance goals annually.”
Lisa Olsen
Senior Vice President
People & Corporate at ARC Resources Ltd.

Ready for your organizational 360?

Let’s discuss your needs and how the OHEP can help.