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The Meaning Behind Monark

Monarch butterflies are not born.

They grow into their beauty, and so do leaders.

This is why the name Monark means so much to us—because we believe that true leaders never stop growing and changing.

The Monarch butterfly, who undergoes four transformations in its life, represents this idea of continuous rebirth, renewal, and transformation.

It doesn't start out as a butterfly—it grows into it.

And this is why we chose the name Monark—because the Monarch butterfly is the epitome of transformation in the truest sense.

Meet Our Founders

Amanda Julian

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Kelsey Hahn

CEO & Co-Founder

Kelsey has been passionate about leadership from a young age, as both a high-performing athlete and an organizational leader.

In her tenure as Director of Research for a single-family practice, she consistently saw the need for leadership training that is more accessible, timely, and contextually relevant in today's changing workforce, and co-founded Monark to be part of helping leaders and organizations navigate these new challenges. 

Amanda holds a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and is passionate about bridging the gap between leadership research and practice.

Together with Kelsey, Amanda recognized the opportunity to apply her extensive experience in leadership and organizational assessment and development, as the basis for Monark's innovative approach to improving access to leadership development and training.

Kelsey Hahn and Amanda Julian

Our Values

Monark’s team is full of people who love their work; we have deliberately grown this. Passion and curiosity come first in all hires; without it, we don’t see an individual being a long-term fit. We all live Monark’s values - a genuine, bold and purposeful team, that has an incredible amount of fun together while also performing at the highest levels.


We are bold.

Curious, growth-oriented, comfortable with the uncomfortable, and constantly pushing ourselves to learn.

target (2).png

We act purposefully.

We are authentic, intentional, and genuinely show up as a team passionate about solving the world's leadership challenges.

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We are accountable.

We strive for excellence and accountability in all that we do, from our relationships, to our commitments to evidence-based learning.

honesty (2).png

We are inclusive.

We have a safe and respectful environment, which means people are collaborative, inclusive, and are able to be their best.

Our Clients


Join Our Team!

At Monark, our purpose is to empower leaders to bring out the best in themselves and those around them, creating unstoppable teams who will change the world. Our founders are organizational psychologists by training, but have extensive practical experience consulting and conducting research in the leadership space for 15+ years.


We are extremely passionate about creating a product that delivers real long-term value to customers, are are looking to add people to our team that feel the same. 

You've found the right place if you are...

You keep an open mind and continuously ask questions; we are more interested in your response to failure than in your successes

Relentlessly Curious

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We don't care how much you've made in the past or who you know; winning at Monark is a team game

Without Ego

team (3).png

We'll give you all the learning and opportunities you can handle

Looking for Support & Opportunity

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Open Positions

We don't currently have any open positions, but we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team. Think you might be a good fit? Send your resume to

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