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Grounded in science,
but made for practice.

We know that the ability for managers to learn and grow is boundless. That's why we created proprietary, five-minute micro-lessons paired with AI integrated feedback, designed to help leaders tap into their full potential 

Our content is developed by thought leaders and organizational psychologists who have a deep understanding of the latest research and best practices in leadership development, so you can trust that the things you are learning actually matter.

Monark content

Learning developed from the ground up for busy, growth-oriented leaders.

One of the most confusing things about many leadership training programs is what model or theory the program is having you buy into. By the time you're mid-career, you've probably had exposure to more than a handful of

"the best leadership framework on the planet."

This is unnecessarily confusing, so we took a different approach. Based on an extensive review of the academic literature, Monark's model includes every behavior research has found to have a connection to performance. Therefore, if it's a behavior that will make your team more productive or stronger sales closers, you can bet we're teaching it through our proprietary five-minute micro-lessons that are organized within habit-supporting learning paths that take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.

Learning so relevant, so applied,
and almost too easy to consume.

"As a new leader, Monark prepared me with the tools and knowledge to tackle hard conversations while building trust and rapport with my reports & colleagues. The facilitated discussions allow our team to drive home the
in-app content and reflect on real areas of growth."

-Laura, avid learner and new people leader

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