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On-demand leadership growth. One place. Your pace.

Designed for the next generation of leadership, Monark is revolutionizing the flow of work.

Our proprietary platform and micro-content are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, so you can build leadership skills while you're on the job, rather than taking you away from it.  


How Monark Works

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On-Demand, Personalized Learning .

Proprietary learning paths with

evidence-based, five-minute micro-lessons built in collaboration with leading scientists, practitioners, and organizational psychologists. Each lesson is oriented to get leaders practicing real behaviors.

Learning in the flow of work.

Today, nobody has time for 60 minute webinars or expensive courses. Our learning is built for modern leaders, with personalized learning paths and micro-lessons built by leading thinkers on everything from effective delegation to leading with diversity and inclusion. Did we mention it's evidence-based (no opinion pieces or fads allowed)!


Monark users learn 2-3 times a week in short bursts, building the "leadership muscle" so learning sticks over the long-term. And, we make learning fun (who knew, right?). With quizzes, videos, and a focus on getting leaders practicing new behaviors, we ensure that learning lives behind the screen.


Intelligent integrations and nudges for continuous learning.

With smart integrations into your favorite work products, regular reminders, and intelligent behavioral nudges based on your learning and activity, we help keep you accountable to your goals.

The only way to grow is to get real feedback.


Getting leaders exactly what they need, when they need it.

We've had no way of assessing real leadership performance—until today. Ever heard of "managing up?"

Monark is the first platform to use real insights, 360 assessment, peer feedback and observable behaviors for leadership development. Our goal is to provide leaders with the most accurate and valuable information about themselves through the use of: smart integrations, behavioral nudges, personalization, and cohort-based learning. While coaching is an effective method of support, coaches can only coach on what a leader is sharing.

Robust management
analytics dashboard.

Company administrators have access to an analytics dashboard that helps measure the impact of leadership development efforts.

The dashboard allows administrators to track user progress, understand adoption, and view the results of organization-wide surveys.

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