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Democratizing Leadership in the New World of Work

On this episode of the Working Well podcast, Tim Borys & Kelsey Hahn discuss how leadership is changing and the resulting impact on employees.

Democratizing Leadership in the New World of Work

Tim & Kelsey discuss How Leadership Is Changing and Its Impact on Employees, Democratizing Access to Leadership Training, The Key Challenges with Leadership Training, How Leaders Can Be More Competent in a Post-Pandemic World, How Monark Is Changing Traditional Leadership, What Companies Can Do Differently to Retain Leaders, Cost-Effective Leadership Training and Development, Evidence-Based Leadership ROI, Leveraging Both In-Person and Online Training, The Biggest Barrier to Implementing Leadership Training.

Podcast Summary
Leadership is crucial to the wellbeing and performance of people and organizations, yet few leaders have received the training needed to be successful in their role. Stats continually point to the fact that employees rarely leave companies, they leave bad managers. So why is traditional leadership training provided so late in a leader’s journey and often reserved for those who already hold a senior position?

The answer to that provides important insight into our rapidly changing business climate and why it’s ripe for transformation. Today we speak with Kelsey Hahn, CEO of Monark about the challenges and opportunities for current and aspiring leaders today. Kelsey is a brilliant leader and executive who is on a mission to democratize corporate leadership training. She provides valuable insights for leaders, employees, and organizations that want to thrive.

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