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Leadership in Business

Leaders, Innovators, and Big Ideas Podcast, featuring Monark CEO, Kelsey Hahn. Hosted by Adam Ludgate.

Leadership in Business

Kelsey & Adam discuss leadership development in business: The future of work, The challenges associated with traditional leadership learning models, The Alberta & Calgary tech ecosystem, What it takes to be a good leader, Fund raising in Alberta, Canada & the USA.‍
Host: Adam Ludgate is a technical leader who is involved in the startup/tech community and is enticed by new and innovative ways of solving problems with technology. He has worked previously with the likes of IBM Canada, AOL UK, tech startups in London's 'Silicon Roundabout' as well as with a variety of oil & gas software firms in various software development and leadership capacities.

Guest: Kelsey Hahn is Co-Founder and CEO of Monark, on-demand, digital leadership growth, facilitating experiential learning for all kinds of leaders, at all phases of their careers. Prior to Monark, I was the Managing Director at Viewpoint Research, overseeing a team of talented researchers dedicated to evolving society’s knowledge about business leadership and advanced organizational practices. Everything I have learned has come from my background as a college athlete, and my experiences working with high-performers and executive leaders in private equity, investment, and energy.

Show Quotes:
"Working moms in tech startups is challenging, and we need to have a whole support system behind us in order to succeed."

"What we're seeing is that by 2025 millennials will really have eclipsed baby boomers and Gen Xers in terms of the leadership positions that they're taking in organizations."

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