Ethics and Integrity Essentials

Understanding the Intersection of Ethics and Values provides leaders with insights into how to act more ethically and better align with their own and their organization’s values by gaining an understanding of how acting unethically can be easier than expected and quick strategies they can utilize to continually consider the ethicallity of their actions and then act appropriately.

“Ethics and Integrity Essentials” is relevant for everyone. Small measures to ensure ethical action can be taken far before whistle-blowing, encouraging smaller issues to be dealt with before they reach such dire circumstances. In this learning path, learners get to practice identifying internal conflicts between individuals “want” and “should” selves, reflecting on how unethical situations have negatively affected learners and others around them, and identifying individual catalysts to values based action.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the The Evolution of Business Ethics
  • Understand the Practical Implications of Behavioral Ethics for Business
  • Utilizing the Self-Interest Snap for Ethical Behavior
  • Understand & Display the Concept of Moral Humility
  • Deploy the Giving Voice to Values Method for Values-Based Action
  • Improve Ethical Sensitivity, Ethical Judgment, and Ethical Action-Taking Skills
  • Behavioral Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Moral Humility
  • Personal Leadership
  • Values

Level 1: Most relevant for everyone

29 micro-lessons and 1.25 hrs of content

When paired with live mastery sessions, delivered over 8 weeks.

Completion certificate issued

4.0 stars (out of 5) in satisfaction

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