Fostering Innovation and Driving Change

Coming Soon! This learning path provides leaders with the skills and abilities to advocate for and lead transformation within their teams.

“Fostering Innovation and Driving Change” is most relevant for those who lead teams. One of the most exciting aspects of leadership can be tackling new ideas and projects, but new and experienced leaders alike often find that this is easier said than done, especially when achieving innovative ends requires a whole team and additional stakeholders to be on board. This path helps leaders get their ideas off the ground by providing strategies to handle resistance, discussing how to work cross-functionally, and sharing how leaders can foster their teams’ creative abilities as well.

Key Objectives

  • Work Cross-Functionally
  • Handle Resistance
  • Listen to and Advocate for Employees
  • Foster Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Cross-functional cooperation
  • Innovation
  • People Leadership
  • Resistance

Level 2: Most relevant for those who lead teams

When paired with live mastery sessions, delivered over 8 weeks.

Completion certificate issued

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