Hacking Personal Excellence

Coming Soon! This learning path provides both current and future leaders the guidance to reach their individual goals.

“Hacking Personal Excellence” is relevant for everyone. Leaders learn self-management strategies that help them prioritize and complete their individual contributor tasks (something that can be especially challenging when new leaders start receiving additional leadership responsibilities). A focus on taking the initiative during this path also helps individuals understand how to communicate and act on their personal career goals while contributing to larger organizational needs and responsibilities.

Key Objectives

  • Set Specific and Motivating Personal Goals
  • Understand the Fundamentals of and Practice Self Management
  • Seek and Respond to Feedback
  • Cultivate Proactive Initiative
  • Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Leadership
  • Proactive Initiative
  • Self Management

Level 1: Most relevant for everyone

When paired with live mastery sessions, delivered over 8 weeks.

Completion certificate issued

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