Leading High Achieving Teams

This learning path provides leaders with the skills and abilities necessary to move from excellent individual contributors to successful team leaders.

“Leading High Achieving Teams” is most relevant for those who lead teams. By diving into effective delegation strategies, practicing providing strength-based feedback, and gaining insight on how to set team objectives leaders not only learn how to make the most of their teams, but also provide employees with leaders who can help them develop and grow. In this learning path, learners get to practice: committing to utilize delegation strategies, Feedback AI Roleplay, and Setting goals to provide team feedback.

Key Objectives

  • Support Others
  • Set and Reach Objectives
  • Track Goals and Performance
  • Delegate Tasks to Others
  • Provide Appropriate and Useful Feedback to Help Others Develop and Grow
  • Utilize Recognition and Rewards as Motivational Tools
  • Delegation
  • Developing Others
  • Feedback
  • People Leadership
  • Performance tracking
  • Recognition & Rewards

Level 2: Most relevant for those who lead teams

33 micro-lessons and 2.25 hrs of content

When paired with live mastery sessions, delivered over 8 weeks.

Completion certificate issued

4.3 stars (out of 5) in satisfaction

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