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Building better leaders, one behaviour at a time

We believe in continuous learning. We know that small changes can lead to big changes, but only when they’re consistent and focused.


That's why we've created a leadership development platform that allows you to choose how, when, and what you learn to help you accomplish those goals, leading to long-term, lasting changes.

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Take control of your development

Whether you choose to strike out on your own or work as part of a facilitated cohort, Monark is all about continuous learning—so you’ll master new skills and develop leadership habits, not just pass a test.

Learn, share, and connect

Our on-demand community support is based on the idea of sharing knowledge through storytelling, thought-provoking conversation, and real world experience.


Monark is your source for first-hand knowledge from real leaders who love what they do.

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Make learning part of your routine

Monark makes leadership development part of your daily activity. Our proprietary platform nudges leaders to engage in development in ways that seamlessly fit into the flow of work. 

Take a scientific approach to learning

Monark's unique leadership training approach uses behavioural science and evidence-based learning to pin-point areas for development and deliver real behaviour change. With our micro-lessons and instant feedback, leaders spend less time learning, and more time practicing. 

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