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Organizational Assessments

We help managers and leaders reach their full potential with our scientifically tested Organizational Health & Risk Assessment (OHR).

This proprietary assessment provides a multi-tiered approach to examining your company's performance and employee engagement. 

OHR Assessment
Monark self assessment results
Monark self assessment results

Proven process

Monark’s proprietary OHR assessment has been used for over a decade with public and private companies ranging from 10 employees to 2,000.


This comprehensive assessment, developed by organizational psychologists, measures only fundamentals that have been scientifically linked to performance.

Using this assessment at the start of your engagement helps us identify the areas for development across the organization, allowing us to recommend the most effective training program that will deliver long-lasting results. 


Proven results

After administering the OHR for over a decade, the results are clear. There is a big difference between the companies that "do something" after they get their OHR results, and the companies that "do nothing". 

Monark clients who have made the investment to assess, identify, and grow, see the results. 

Monark proven results

We help get companies where they need and want to be

OHR results

This is the difference between work that sucks, and Work Nirvana*

*Work Nirvana


: a state of loving one’s job and work
: companies that have employees that experience Work Nirvana:

• Attract the best employees and talent

• Have loyal, repeat customers

• Are innovative and leading in their industries

• Outperform their peers 10-fold

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