How it Works

Learning that fits into your life.

For Individuals

With the goal of making leadership training more affordable, accessible, and effective, Monark is for anyone and everyone who wants to take control of their development!

Our training model engages users in evidence-based development by utilizing 360 assessment, micro-learning, on-the-job practice, behavioural nudges, real peer feedback, and the first-hand knowledge that lives outside of textbooks, all with the goal of driving measurable and lasting behaviour change. We put high-quality, evidence based training in your pocket, delivering more personalized, data-driven learning in the flow of the workday.

By integrating timely educational content with learnings and experiences from a network of growth-oriented leaders, Monark prepares high-performers for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Benefits

Work smarter, not harder

Applied daily micro-lessons designed by organizational psychologists followed by smart nudges and reminders, integrate into your daily workflow, so you can learn and lead on-the-go.

On-demand support

Holding your first performance review? Communicating strategy or internal changes? Developing a pandemic, hybrid work plan? Whatever it is, access our community to learn from expert voices and real experiences.

Learning made for you

Your training should be personalized to how you lead. Take control of what, when, and how you learn be selecting journeys and completing lessons on your watch.

Get more feedback

Never be afraid of a 360 assessment again - we're normalizing continuous feedback! Get 360 feedback on behaviours and send pulse surveys when you need quick and timely feedback.